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Create a unique moment. 
From a book.
From your choices. 
Live your own story.
Build your own board game. 



We believe in people being together.
We believe in people.
We believe in you.
We want to give you the ability, from a lonely
moment, to create a
collective activity.


An active reading.
A different way.
You’ll be an actor.
In your reading.
Build your own story.
Be an Architect. 


Fun and reading isn’t really what we think at first.
We all remember when we had to read these boring books at school.
So let’s take it differently.
Having fun.


Let’s put our phone away.
Let’s create a moment.
From a book.
We all don’t read
that much usually.
That’s why we
created this book.
To live an immersive experience from a book.



From a book to a game ...
This is way more than a simple book.
It's a book which allows you,
from your reading and your choices,
to create your own board game.



Become the architects of a sharing moment

How is it happening in the book ?

The text is well-written, with a lot of descriptions about characters, landscapes and situations. On the other hand the dialogues are light. the characters speak just as we talk in our daily life.

At the end of every chapter, the lector has to make a choice among two different paths. Those paths represent a dilemma.The lector is able to follow the story from a hero's or traitor's perspective without knowing it.

With all these informations the lector will be able to script his own board game. At the end of the book he can find a grid to write down all his choices, the following cards and the QR code leading to the game


Now, it's time to play !

It's time to relive your own Ragnarök.
This fight game with hidden roles, This one will be animated by 8 events related to each chapter, and some fights.
You’ll have to strategize in order to arm yourself as best as you can and fight others by using your best trickeries.
However, this game will be sequenced by the events inspired from the story and caused by the reader’s choices, right or wrongly.
The main goal will be to lead his team to victory that will define the Ragnarok’s outcome in a last online chapter.


Live a unique immersive experience ! 

Technologies allow us to break boundaries in the edition’s world !

Telling stories through a game. What a new challenge for us !
We know that rules in a board game can be hard to understand and follow. We decided to use a innovative way to explain rules and guide you during the game : immersive technology ! 

Why is it immersive ? 

From the different events you chose during your reading, you will find on the events' cards a way to access to a specific video by scanning them.  Once you are on the video, you'll enjoy this unique experience of total immersion by using graphics innovation, voices, countdown and so much more.


Here is the dream team !
Before being a professional team, we are friends.
Friends with common goals.
Acting with values, passion and love.
Love of sharing.
All together.
We want to share a new vision to use a book.
With you. 


Marjorie Lagarde

Game Master

Killian Paugam

Artistic Director

Manon Gouin


Aurore Lang


Nicolas Nargeot


Bastien Corne

Web Designer

Montreuil’s meeting was an incredible moment of sharing to get inspiration.
We can’t wait to share with you what we did. 


"A living book is a book you'll always get back to".
Montreuil’s meeting was an incredible moment of sharing to get inspiration. Including visually.
This event is always an innovative place
to promote and share your ideas.
We are stronger together.
Thanks to our discoveries in this meeting,
to give a huge place to illustrations.
From this meeting, thanks to all editors we met.
We chose our graphic aspect, our stories.
We confirmed some of our values
such as personalization and sharing.
This moment is one of our key moment, and a memorable one, for the development of our concept.


We were thinking to do a collection about mythologies !

Greek Soul - Egyptian Soul - Roman Soul - Azthec Soul 




247, Avenue Gambetta
75020, Paris



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